Wait or Push?

Not childbirth, but writing. Although some writers compare the two.

They represent the two ways of going about things. I’ve already extolled the advantages of pushing – writing to a routine, daily, or at a given time each week to keep your muscles loose, knocking at the door of the unexpected thought/idea/image/thing. However, since then I’ve been practising the other form of writing. The wait.

The big advantage of waiting is that the motivation for manifesting the idea/image/thought/thing becomes so great, the imperative so forceful, the idea often comes out, when you let it, when it cannot be contained any longer, in a roll. There is still the unexpected nature of setting the fluidity of thought into the more fixed form of written words, which appears in unhitherto images or turns of phrase, but I find a coherence, a transcendence comes with this method.

And perhaps more importantly, an urgency, an inherent belief in its own existence that the daily penning doesn’t necessarily have.


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