Finding the Start Line vi

The Obsession

This is number six in a nine part series of posts focusing on ways into writing.

At stages of life we can become attached to stuff. Sometimes very attached to particular stuff. This can manifest in The Carpet Roll. It can also be more engineered, or more consciously explored.

Take my preoccupation with the sea. I’ve been writing about it exclusively for over a year now, and instead of this becoming tiring, repetitive or predictable, it has become more and more challenging. How can I write about it in a different way? How can it be something else? What haven’t I said about it yet? What would I never say about it? How have other people written about it?

This last thought has become increasingly urgent in my writing. It might make previous poems redundant as I keep writing and incorporating old ideas into new lines, but the good ones will remain valid. It’s a big subject, after all.

And everything is potentially big; huge – if you consider its past and future as well as its present, its shadow and resonances, its metaphysicality as well as physicality…

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