Finding the Start Line iv

The Outer Force

This is number four in a nine part series of posts focusing on ways into writing.

Unlike Jedi advice this method isn’t feeling the force within, but being fed from without.

I love seeing the world through other people’s eyes, especially in a live sense, such as the interaction of an art gallery where you can circle a sculpture, get really really close to a painting, or in the theatre, listening and watching a space be filled by people doing strange stuff. Equally I love listening to music exclusively, letting it fill my head, seep through my body. How often do we just lie on the sofa listening to music? Not enough (I’m speaking personally).

Most of the time these experiences enter me and find a quiet spot to settle, adding to my chemical make-up and experience, widening my field of reference.

However, sometimes they’ll not lie quietly. They need to come back out in another form: in written words. And if they do, I don’t want to stop them. I will sit in front of my computer and watch them, translated by the experience of my body, to reconfigure the original into something new: a poem. These often don’t need much editing, because they’re not mine to edit. They are often very difference to my normal writing, but as valid in their existence, and dialogue with a wider cultural world.

(Picture: Sleepwalk Collective, As the Flames Rose We Danced to the Sirens, the Sirens)

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