Congratulations NANO-ers! :)

For all of you who have been writing ‘without rear view mirrors’ during November, and have completed a NANOWRIMO Novel, well done. It isn’t easy. It takes courage and stamina.

Put your feet up. Have a rest. You’re in good company now. Faulkner wrote As I lay Dying in six weeks. Keruoac wrote On the Road in three.

Go Slowly for a while. Then read this.

You’re in a marvellous position now, which all that raw material, to really examine what it was you wanted to say. Re-read with a critical eye. Don’t be afraid if you notice, like most writers, that massive changes are needed. If, after cooling your heels and breaking open a bottle of well deserved fizz, you think we can work with you while you turn your first draft into something polished, sparkling and beautiful (or hard-hitting, rugged and challenging…) then you know where to find us.

But most importantly of all, celebrate. Every step along the path, every stage completed is an achievement and you deserve a pat on the back.

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