Sarah is running an online course with the Poetry School, beginning Tuesday 21st May, with live chat sessions every two weeks. More information here


Welcome to the new Writing Smithy blog! Sarah and I are planning to take turns blogging here about various aspects of writing and the writing life – from handling a tricky piece of research to knowing when enough is enough and a piece is finished. We’re also going to start an ‘Inspiration’ series of posts – where we’ll both share something that has inspired us in our writing, mentoring or editing over the previous week. Barring illness, accidents or powercuts, [...]

Setting up the Smithy (it’s all in a name)

When Sarah Hymas and I got together at the dark end of last year, we spent as much time brainstorming the name of our literature consultancy as we did about our fees, marketing, services, web design and almost any other aspect of our joint business venture. This wasn’t frivolous chit-chat, though – we were both very aware that in marketing a service to writers, the words we used to describe ourselves had to be pitch perfect. It was essential that [...]